Automobile Ancillary

Automobile Ancillaries always work with large global automobile companies, be these truck manufacturer, bus manufacturer, car manufacturer or two wheeler manufacturer. Producing spare parts as per specifications provided by companies at a short time period and competitive MARKET price is a big challenge for automobile ancillaries. Communique Technology ERP Software for Automobile Ancillaries has tried to reduce production process time by systematic processing of job, job scheduling and overall implementing production planning and control (PPC) system across the organization.

The following type of automobiles ancillary manufacturing companies are benefitting from production planning capabilities of Communique Technology ERP Software:

  • Car Gear
  • Clutch
  • Body
  • Others

Key Features

  • Dynamic product attributes in forms like Vehicle, Model, Size etc.
  • Non BOM and BOM based manufacturing processes.
  • Multiple units of measurements for Raw Material and Finished Goods.
  • Sales Order with Delivery Schedule spread over by date, week and month.
  • Production processes includes sub assembly, Heating, Machining Assembling, Packing etc.