Precision Metal Processing

Precession and Metal Processing companies undertake processing work from large size manufacturers, be it steel, paper or plastic. Inwards are receipts in terms of weight and output to be generated in terms of sizes as well as weight, each roll is assigned a unique ID and barcode is printed from system, which is to be pasted on roll. Communique Technology ERP for Precession and Metal Processing industry effectively plans calculates number of possible packets that can be generated from a single roll based on size specification provided by customer.

Once planning is completed actual slitting processes is carried out, which provides complete of WIP as well as finished product inventory. These functionalities provided in Communique Technology Processing ERP Software helps in providing quick information to customer which is an effective tool in retaining customer and increase their satisfaction level.

The Communique Technology ERP Software for Manufacturing of Precision Metal Processing industry has benefitted to the following types of processing industries:

  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Metal Sheet
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Steel Slitting
  • Steel Cutting
  • Metal Slitting and Cutting
  • Cutting Tools

Key Features

  • Barcode based tracking of inventory, WIP and Slit or cut rolls
  • Swim Sheet for number of possible packets based on predefined sizes from a toll
  • Formula based calculation of Weight from size of material
  • Unique bar coding with location number for every roll or packets
  • Separate layouts for Slitting and Cutting.
  • Integrated Chelan and Invoice
  • Customer Specific reports for work in progress (WIP) and order tracking