Distribution & Warehousing

Communique Technology Distribution ERP Software simplifies purchasing cycle by defining vendor markup and mark down in contracts, easy raising of purchase order and enables merchandiser to purchase goods at the lowest rate possible with better quality. Distribution companies generally work with think product margins, so any losses incurred in distribution network may lead to overall loss for the company. Communique Technology ERP Software for Distribution company helps in improving purchasing mechanism, which then leads towards improved supply chain management.

The Communique Technology ERP system can run online across the branches using various networking methods like VPN, application virtualization or private VPN. Communique Technology ’s unique Link Data module allows to run ERP system in decentralized manner, in this system, every location runs ERP in its own database, masters, product prices and discounts are controlled by central location. Master database along with related data STOCK transfer) is transferred to remote locations and all remote locations data is consolidated at central location using Link DatA (previously known as EDI) module.

The Communique Technology ERP Software for Distribution is utilized by following types of small and medium size organization:

  • Retail Chain companies to control their distribution network.
  • Country wide or regional distributors of large format brands.
  • Third Party Logistics(3PL) providers to manage supply chain of large manufacturing companeis.
  • e-Commerce based Retail or whole sale organizations.

Key Features

  • Pricing by Customer or Customer Group or Type.
  • Price Markdown or Markup setup by Customer or Customer Type
  • Discount Structures for Customer or Customer Groups or Type
  • State of Taxes (VAT) defintion to simplyfy tax setup process.
  • Most suitable for Central Warehouse with own sub distribution centre or C and F agent or Retail Outlets.
  • Concept to manage bulk qty by set definition, set making or set breaking.
  • Most suitable ERP Software for breaking bulk loose qty into smaller packing sizes.