Large retail chain companies business process is a combination of Distribution and Retail functions, whereas standalone or single retail companies only combines partial functionalities of Distribution and complete functionalities of Retail Operations. Communique Technology Retial ERP Software centrally manages product prices and discounts, retail outlets only performs sales just by scanning barcode pasted on product.

Large model garment departmental stores also provide limited discounting rights to sales man and store managers, this fixed percentage privilege is controlled by head office. These stores also gives option to make sale on credit basis, credit limits are fixed by customer or group of customer, credit sale above these limits are to be authorized by central office representative before completion of transaction. Hence, Communique Technology ERP for Retail provides complete control over credit management and goods sold on approval.

Communique Technology Point of Sale (POS) is compatible with all the modern retail devices like receipt printer, customer pole display, cash drawer etc. Single screen for sale, exchange and return makes Communique Technology one of the best Retail Management Software.

The Communique Technology ERP Software for Retail is utilized by following types of Retail Companies:

  • Apparel and Garment Retailers.
  • Shoes, Bags Retailers.
  • Department Stores and Hyper MARKETS.
  • Beauty Products large retail chain stores.

Key Features

  • Complete barcode enabled from gate in to gate out
  • Various Barcode generation methods like batch, fixed numeric, fixed combination and unique.
  • Product pricing and discounting control from central warehouse or Head Office.
  • Discounting based on combination of any of the attributes barcode, product, product type, category.
  • Discount and pricing revision only after authorization.
  • Customer Loyalty Programme based on points accumulation on purchase
  • Intensive integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) built in ERP Software.