Microsoft .NET

c# is a programming language enabling our competent team of developers to develop and design versatile applications that run on the .Net framework. At Communique Technology, our development team has invaluable experience and expertise in creating database applications, XML web services and various other applications using C# and .Net framework.

C# is a simple to use, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language which sets it a class apart from the other programming languages. Communique Technology offers customized and user-friendly applications to its clients based on C# and .Net framework.

At Communique Technology, our team of proficient developers are equipped with a rich experience and proven expertise to develop and deliver qualitative comprehensive software solutions and enterprise applications as per client specifications using diverse possibilities provided by .Net platform.

Communique Technology offers complete software solutions using .Net framework with expertise in the following domains:
  • .Net system design and application development
  • .Net desktop and web application development
  • Migrating web and desktop applications to .Net
  • .Net architecture and design evaluation
  • .Net custom web server control development
  • .Net software product development
  • Web services based .Net application development
  • Migration of applications from .Net
  • .Net application development
Managing upgrades and technical support for existing custom and packaged information

At Communique Technology, our team of professionals including developers, business analysts and project managers analyse the project requirements and suggest a robust and comprehensive solution to fulfil the client requirements. With rapid developments taking place in the technological milieu, Communique Technology lays emphasis on consistently enhancing the skill-sets of its technical team by way of rigorous training and staying updated with the new technologies.