Paper Products Manufacture

Paper based product manufacturing companies main aim is to inventory blockage, minimize production wastages, which is generally is huge qty during test run of production job. Communique Technology ERP Software for Paper products companies helps in minimizing inventory blockage by producing products based on specifications provided by customer i.e. Make to Order (MTO) process.
Communique Technology Paper ERP Software capable of handing various category of orders viz. Custom Print Order, Repeat Order, Standard Product order. Orders are processed as per standard business processes in the possible minimum time duration.
The following type of paper products manufacturing companies are benefitting from production planning capabilities of Communique Technology software:
  • Labels
  • Barcode Labels
  • RFID tages
  • Industrial Labels
  • Paper Manufacturer
Key Features
  • Dynamic product attributes in forms like Paper density (GSM), background color, print color, Size (length, width), print matter etc.
  • Non Bill of Material (BOM) based consumption calculation on production.
  • Row Material paper density linked with Finished Product paper density.
  • Dual units of measurements for Raw Material i.e. Area (SQM) and Roll
  • Dual units of measurements for Finished Products i.e. Roll and Pcs
  • Dies Inventory and link of production and life calculation in terms of number of impressions
  • Production Stages used Color Coating, Slitting, Printing, Packing and Set Making.